Touch the Earth Yoga - Peace for the Body, Mind & Spirit

At Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center, 275 Nichols Road, Fitchburg, MA:  $12/drop-in or $60/6 weeks.  Drop-in cards are also available and can be used at any ongoing class.

MONDAYS     9:30am     Yoga for Fitness (Returns Sept. 11th, 2017!!!)
TUESDAYS      9:30am     Gentle Restorative Yoga  (All levels)  (Returns Sept. 5th!)
THURSDAYS   5:30pm     Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief (All levels)

At in the Guild Conference Room located at Leominster Health Alliance Hospital.  (Please, no drop-ins at this class.  Please pre-register by call 978-665-5800.)

MONDAYS      5:30pm       Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief  (All levels)

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