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The Humble, Powerful Breath.

How often do you actually stop to think about your breath?  Once an hour?  Once a day?  A week?  A month?  Hmmm... 

If you are like most people the breath is often taken for granted.  Like the pulse and its source, the heartbeat, to most its just an automatic life giving function that gets pushed into the background until we are put in a situation where the breath changes as a result of a medical situation or as a reaction to the present conditions.  

The humble breath is a powerful force.  Calming, healing, refreshing and rejuvenating.  It can ground us, lift us, open us fully.  It balances us in the very center of our being and the center of the moment.  It keeps us present, because when we stop to be present with the breath we make an astounding discovery:  the breath is truly the only thing happening in this moment.  The past already happened.  The future is full of possibility.  But the breath, well the beautiful, humble breath is right here, right now, happening fully in us, to us, of us.  

So take a moment here to pause and notice your breath just as it is, with out make any conscious changes.  Is it full?  Shallow?  Stuck?  Flowing?  How does it feel in your body as you breathe?  How does the breath and the body move and work together today, in this moment?  Is there a stillness at the top and bottom of the breath, a moment in between the inhale and exhale, the exhale and the inhale?  Can you draw that stillness into spaces in your being longing for calm and ease?  Notice what these observations draw into your body, your breath, your mind.   

Peace & Namaste 

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