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Is Yoga Magical?


No, yoga is not magical.  (Yup, you heard me.)

Going to a yoga class every week or day will not necessarily make you happier/thinner/fitter/stronger/better, like the wave of a magic wand. But as you commit to your practice, over time you may find you are happier and can release challenging situations with a bit more ease or with a different perspective. 

Maybe your body will change, maybe not.  Maybe you will discover that your body doesn't have to be any different than it is right now.  That it is beautiful and graceful and full of light right now.  (And you don’t need to rock a full on arm balance to tell you that.  This is something you feel.)

Perhaps you’ll find better concentration or sleep, better your abilities or numbers representing various aspects of health.  (These are just a few spectacular effects that a regular yoga practice can reap.)

The “magic” is when we find a new perspective, a new way of seeing life, situations, even people. 

Maybe you’ll find you can approach your desire to change from a more even space, recognizing that maybe this present moment and situation is only as challenging or overwhelming as you allow it to be. 

Breathe.  Accept.  Breathe a whole lot more.  There is work to be done. 

It’s not necessarily easy in each situation presented.  But it’s pure experience and because you are fully present in this moment it will pass with each breath and lead you further on the journey.  

What a regular yoga practice does is activate a seed deep within each of us.  This seed is just waiting to be touched through your practice.  Sensations arise in the body, breath, and mind as the seed grows stronger.  You become more attuned to your heart.  Yoga reconnects you with what you already know in your heart.  

So no, yoga is not magic.  Yoga is truth.

Peace & Namaste,

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