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Mind Chatter

I often talk about finding the breath in class.  About leading the mind back to the present through the rhythm of the breath.  Allowing the stories of the mind to fall away one breath at a time, allowing just a little space.  Letting it grow.  Doing it all again.  And again.

"Sure, easy for you to say."  I've heard before.

Not always.  Those words come to mind when I teach because those same words are often my anchor too.  My mind chatters.  Often.  Quite often.  Just like yours.  But I also know from practice, coming back to the breath is the journey.  Its the path to the present moment.

This evening, I sat for 10 minutes.  Simply following the breath.  Allowing the mind to still.  In my experience, I fall in with the breath fairly easily.  But after the first few minutes, the mind begins to wonder and wander.  In those 10 short minutes, my thoughts rambled through, ranging in variety from family to the dishwasher. the news to the weather to smoothie recipes, the noises around me, to feelings and emotions.  It was busy in there.

But then there was the breath.  Steady and rhythmic, and simply waiting for me to return my awareness to the moment.  So I did.  

I've often heard a comparison of meditation to training a puppy to sit.  And that's exactly what it's like, for everyone.  

So be gentle with your puppy mind.  And remind it to sit and find the breath.  


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