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To My Yoga Students

To My Yoga Students,

I see you.    

I see you walk in the door, maybe frantic, stressed, worried, tired.  It’s been a long day, week, month. 
I see you settling in for class, making time for yourself, your peace of mind, and possibly for the first time in the day, truly paying attention to your needs. 
I see you set up your mat in the front of the room.  You’re excited, ready to get to work on your mat through your body, breath, stillness. 
I see you set up at the back of the room, grateful for the solitude, the quiet.  Maybe hoping you aren’t noticed.  Maybe enjoying the sense of ease and awareness observing the whole room provides you.
I see you annoyed the newbie set up in your spot.  Then look around wondering where you will place your mat.  It will be okay.  This is part of the practice.
I see you finding your own beautiful practice, maybe with the challenging variations, maybe with a modification, a prop.  It’s beautiful.  It’s perfect. 
I see you recognize when you need to come out of the pose to find your breath, to find relief, to center. 
I hear you when you express your doubts at the beginning of class.  Many doubts about your flexibility, your strength, and your ability to focus.  An unending list of limitations, some legit and some self-imposed.  I hear you and I know you can do this.  You are enough, as you are in this moment.  And I see you. 
I hear your questions and hope the response is helpful, informed, comforting.  I will never pretend to have all the answers but know I will do my best to find an answer for you. 
I hear your concerns about all the conflicting yoga information you find on the web.  It can be overwhelming.  Stick with what works for you.  There are so many beautiful paths to yoga. 
I hear your soft snores in final savasana.  You need rest and you’re comfortable.  I promise to gently awaken you before the final OM.  (It will be our little secret.)    
I see your tears and hear your muffled breaths in final savasana.  Life can be challenging and yoga can be so humbling, accepting, and loving.  I promise to quietly bring you a tissue.  No explanation necessary. 
I see you rise after class, week after week, for months, many of you going on years. 
You are uplifted and serene, empowered and tenderhearted, strong and centered. 
I see you.  Each and every one of you, transform before me.  It’s beautiful, humbling, and such an honor.  So to each and every one of you, it’s with deep, deep gratitude I offer you Namaste at the end of each class. 

Namaste:  the divine light within me sees the divine light within you and knows we are one. 


2 Comments to To My Yoga Students:

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Jim K on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 9:34 PM
Thank you for taking the time to show us the correct path and imparting your knowledge to help us understand the many facets of yoga Namaste
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Swami Maheshwarananda on Saturday, June 04, 2016 5:20 AM
Very good approach you share here. I really like this kinds of information. Please share something more news about yoga.
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