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C is for Cat and Cow

“C is for Cat and Cow”

I find this to be one of the most beneficial yoga movements in a sequence.  It wakes up the spine, stretches muscles in the front and back of the body, releases tension, and with the union of the breath can become extremely meditative. 

Cow Pose:  Arrive on all fours in Tabletop pose and find a neutral position for pelvis, spine, and head.  As you gently inhale, allow the tailbone to lift as the pelvis tilts, the belly moves toward the floor, and the head moves the gaze is forward. 

Cat Pose:  From Cow Pose, exhale and gently reverse the movement, drawing the tailbone under, rounding the spine, and gently drawing the chin in toward the chest.

Continue to follow the breath, inhale to Cow pose, exhale to Cat pose.  Allow the movement to begin slowly and as you feel comfortable, let the movement grow.  Allow the breath to deepen and lengthen, and try to match the breath and movement so they begin and end at the same time.  Practice 6-10 breaths, as you feel comfortable.

This pose is excellent to practice any time of day, especially first thing in the morning or right before bed. 


(This is part of a series of blog installments for the A to Z Challenge.  I will be covering each letter of the alphabet as it applies to the practice of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry.)

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Anonyms on Saturday, July 07, 2018 6:00 AM
Good Post.
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