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H is for Home Practice

H is for Home Practice

After you have a taken a series of yoga classes, you may begin to find you want to practice more and perhaps even on your own.  This is called building a home practice.  Home practice is beneficial because it allows you to continue to work on asana and meditation to encourage progress in your practice, both physical and spiritual.  Another benefit to home practice is it costs almost nothing. 

To begin a home practice, you will need a yoga mat and space to unroll your mat.  Easy-peasy.  You don’t need an entire room or a fancy altar.  Just a small amount of space next to your couch or bed, maybe even outside on the lawn if you choose.  If you use props, feel free to buy props you enjoy, but this is just an option.      

The most challenging part of your home practice will be stepping on your mat to practice.  Sounds crazy, but the number one reason clients tell me they don’t practice at home is because they aren’t motivated or dedicated to practice on their own.  They need to get out of their space.  They need to pay money so they feel obligated to go.  They need support of a guiding teacher.  All valid reasons, but if building a home yoga practice is important to you, you need to dedicate yourself to it.  So commit to step on your mat once a week or maybe each morning, whatever works for you, and stick to it.  You may be surprised to find you begin looking forward to this time on the mat, maybe even extending your time here.
The next challenge is remembering the poses you learned in class.  Begin by choosing 3 or 4 favorites you’re comfortable practicing on your own.  If you need a little more guidance, borrow a book from the library for inspiration or maybe purchase a DVD (ask your teacher what she recommends as a good starting DVD for you).      

As you progress on your yoga journey, your home practice will become a big part of your development.  It will be your “home base” of yoga, where you practice what you’ve learned in class, where you digest what you’ve become aware of through meditation, and best of all, it is always there for you.  Any time of day.  Any situation that comes your way. 

What helped you develop a home yoga practice?

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