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5 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

5 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice
By Linda Nutter Snay, RYT

Yoga is a widely growing practice in the U.S.  In fact, the 2016 Yoga in America Study conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance found that over 36 million people have practiced yoga at some time in their life.  That’s an astounding number of people embracing the benefits of an ancient practice into their modern life.  Why?  What benefits does the modern yoga student gain that keeps them coming back? 

5 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

1.       Reduces the effects of stress on the whole person, mind and body.  The physical movements of a yoga class stretch and strengthen the body, allowing the buildup of physical tension to begin to release.  The deep breathing and mindful movements help to calm the nervous system, and invoke the relaxation response, resulting in a deeply relaxed, soothing feeling. 
2.       Better Sleep.  When the body has released physical tension and calmed the busyness of the mind, there is the opportunity for a better quality of sleep.  This may mean falling asleep with greater ease or having a more comfortable, deeply restful sleep.    
3.       Increases energy levels.  The mindful movements of yoga postures combined with the deep breathing of a full yoga practice will leave you feeling more energized and better prepared to meet the needs of daily life.  In yoga, we call this cultivating Prana, or life-force, which we connect with through deeply breathing and moving oxygen throughout the body.  You are left with a refreshed sensation in body and mind.     
4.       Reduces common lower back pain.  We spend much our days seated at desks or in cars, both of which can lead to poor posture and weaker muscles in the core of the body.  Yoga can help as it stretches, strengthens, and lengthens the muscles of the core.  The strong emphasis on posture and alignment in yoga is also beneficial, as it leads to creating body awareness in everyday situations which may help to reduce low back pain or stop it from even starting.  
5.       Better mental focus.  A yoga practice develops mental focus, breath awareness, and meditative concentration.  Employing the use of mindfulness throughout the practice, you develop the ability to become aware of sensations and thoughts without being taken over by them.  Over time, regularly practicing yoga can allow these qualities to crossover into your daily life.  You may find you can focus on a project for longer, with more productive outcomes.  You increase your ability to concentrate and can more easily clear your mind from distractions. 

These are just a few benefits to a regular yoga practice.  Science is becoming more interested in the benefits as well, with numerous studies being conducted on the effects of yoga on overall health, cancer survivors, PTSD, children, and chronic diseases.  Try a class for yourself.  See what benefits you discover.         

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